Monday, April 7, 2014

Al-Jazeera Article on Renewable Energy Investment

The results of the report should give governments the confidence to embark on plans to cut emissions by investing in renewables before the 2015 climate change conference in Paris, Steiner said...
The renewable market and cost reductions are out-pacing the impacts from reduced investments and government support, Nathanael Greene, director of the National Resource Defense Council's renewables program, told Al Jazeera. 

So from the sounds of it, renewable electricity generation may finally be becoming competitive with fossil fuels. It would be all well and good to see a big push of public sector support for renewable right now, which is what the National Resource Defense Council seems to be pushing for. What would be just as good though is if renewables are able to maintain their expansion without such an outpouring of public money. Aside from the fact that that would save tax payers money and be easier to manage politically, it would set renewable energy capacity on a stronger  base independant from the ephemeral support of strained government budgets. It seems like this is where the technology is taking it anyway, but if renewables are proving themselves able to grow even as public support withers, might that be the trajectory we want to maintain?

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